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Work out from your phone. 14 muscle groups. Boost strength and power.
Improve endurance. Speed up recovery. Prevent injuries.
Redefine training experience.

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PowerDot is a solution for any active athlete who is looking for new ways to workout and recover their muscles

Key Features

  • Truly Wearable

    PowerDot is compact and feather-light, which allows it to to be worn for extended periods of time without any discomfort and be easily disguised under the clothes.

  • Interactive

    No more boring user manuals! Use your mobile phone to initiate and control your workouts. With easy-to-follow instructions and safety advice, training recommendations and progress tracking.

  • Comfortable

    Designed for ultimate comfort: compact and lightweight.
    With minimal wiring, tactile and ergonomic buttons, and easy-to-detach, reusable electrode pads.

  • Time Saver

    Slim, lightweight design with minimal wiring. Easily attaches to your body for extended periods of time. Wear it under your clothes — and use it while at the office, the movies...just about anywhere!

  • Improved Safety

    Multiple levels of safety, one-touch stop concept, intensity controls, loose & no electrode detection, interactive safety instructions.

  • Small, But Powerful

    Comparable to high-end electrical muscle stimulators — only smaller and more budget-friendly!

training programs

PowerDot comes with a host of preset programs for different workout
needs aimed at athletes and sports enthusiasts of any level.

  • 01Endurance

    Improve performance in
    endurance-focused sporting events

  • 02Resistance

    Improve capacity to sustain intense
    and prolonged effort

  • 03Strength

    Improve performance in
    strength-oriented sports disciplines

  • 04Explosive Strength

    Improve performance in explosive strength and speed oriented

  • 05Maximum Speed

    Ultimate performance improvements for highly trained athletes in short-term maximum speed-oriented disciplines (e.g 100M sprints)

  • 06Active Recovery

    Improves and accelerates muscle recovery after an intense endurance exercise. Use within 2 hours after high endurance workout or competition

  • 07Potentiation

    Increases contraction speed and prepares muscles for max power output. Use 5-10 mins before important competitions or sporting events

  • 08Massage

    Improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, decreases muscular tension and helps to eliminate muscular toxins

Here's how athletes in various sports can take advantage of
PowerDot to boost their sports performance and results.

  • Basketball


    Explosive Strength

  • Boxers


    Explosive Strength

  • Cyclists


    Endurance, Resistance
    Active Recovery

  • Gymnasts



  • Runners


    Endurance, Resistance
    Active Recovery

  • Rowers

    Lower Back

    Endurance, Resistance
    Active Recovery

  • Skiers



  • Swimmers



  • Tennis


    Explosive Strength

  • Volleyball


    Explosive Strength

  • Weightlifters

    Lower Back

    Explosive Strength

  • Wrestlers




Muscle stimulators have been scientifically proven to enhance sports performance. With PowerDot, you can give your muscles that extra boost to recover faster and deliver better results for the same effort.

PowerDot uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), cleverly mimicking what your brain does when it transmits nerve impulses to engage your muscles during a workout.

PowerDot sends electrical impulses to your muscles through a pair of 'sticky' electrode pads which attach to various parts of your body.


  • 2 Independent Stimulation Channels
  • Bi-phasic trapezoid waveform
    (based on regulated voltage technology)
  • Peak voltage of 110V provided in small <1V increments (under 1k Ohm load)
  • FCC-approved Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy module
  • Supports Android 4.3+/iOS 7.0+ mobile devices
HEIGHT: 2.38 INCHES (60.35 MM)
WIDTH: 1.71 INCHES (43.46 MM)
DEPTH: 0.54 INCH (13.65 MM)


PowerDot contracts muscles by delivering short
electrical impulses through reusable, Custom
designed FDA-cleared bio-compatible self-adhesive
electrodes which attach to your skin.

Mobile App

Workout sessions are initiated and controlled via a companion mobile app available on Android and iPhone. PowerDot comes with a host of preset programs for different workout needs aimed at athletes and sports enthusiasts of any level.


  • Control your workouts and adjust the intensity
    of the stimulation
  • Use up to 2 PowerDots in Duo mode to stimulate your left
    and right sides simultaneously
  • Set your goals and customize your training plan with
    the Workout Planner
  • Get new training protocols and programs with app upgrades
  • Access easy-to-follow instructions and safety advice instantly


PowerDot joined a team of extreme climbers on their adventure to conquer Mount Everest. It has stood up to the hostile conditions and the bitter cold, but most importantly, it has helped the team members

recover and replenish their strength after long days of climbing. We are proud to say that PowerDot is the first ever wearable muscle stimulator that has scaled the world's tallest mountain.

With an estimated retail price of just $199 for a single device and $389 for PowerDot Duo, it’s the most affordable sports muscle stimulator in the market today!


PowerDot is a unique, wearable personal training device designed to
completely redefine your sports training experience.

  • Can I lose fat with EMS?

    No, as you would generally need to burn calories through aerobic exercises, as well as control your diet in order to reduce the proportion of your body fat.

    However, EMS can help you improve endurance, fatigue resistance, overall strength and power as well as explosive strength and, in moderate amount, the bulk of your muscles. At the same time, you can make your muscles firmer and better looking aesthetically.

  • Is PowerDot cleared by FDA?

    FDA clearance is a pre-requisite for any commercial distribution of PowerDot in the United States. We are currently preparing FDA 510k submission documents and working on obtaining IEC safety certifications and CE marking for PowerDot. Our current plan is to have PowerDot FDA cleared by Dec 2014 and obtain our CE marking by Sep 2014.

  • What is Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS?

    EMS is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses. The impulses are generated by a device and delivered through electrode pads attached to the skin in direct proximity to the muscles being stimulated.

  • Are there any contraindications for EMS?

    The main contraindication is that you should not use an EMS device if you have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator or other implanted metallic or electronic device. Such use could cause electric shock, burns, electrical interference, or even death.

  • How safe is PowerDot?

    PowerDot is designed to comply with recognized international medical device safety standards (IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-2, IEC 60601-2-10) and FDA safety guidelines for powered muscle stimulators. To be sure, always follow the PowerDot app’s safety guidelines and advice.

    NEVER use PowerDot (or any other electro-stimulation device) if you have: a cardiac stimulator/pacemaker; epilepsy; serious arterial circulation disorders in your lower limbs; and/or, abdominal or inguinal hernia. If you are (or think you are) pregnant, do NOT use PowerDot on your abdominal area.

  • Is EMS dangerous for my muscles or joints?

    Muscle tears in sports often happen when muscle experiences a great amount of pressure almost instantly. When correctly used, electro stimulation causes muscular contractions with progressively increasing intensity over extended periods of time, thus reducing the risk of muscle tears to absolute zero even under maximum intensity.

    Electro stimulation does not cause the muscle to vary its length during contraction. The workout is generally static without any pressure on the joints. This is the main reason why EMS is the best option for athletes with weak/injured joints, who can’t afford to do any weights training.



  • For how many stimulation sessions will
    PowerDot electrode pads generally last?

    It depends a lot on the properties of your skin as well as how well you maintain your electrode pads. On average, PowerDot electrode pads are good enough to last for 20-30 stimulation sessions.

    With minor maintenance, pads should be able to last for up to 50 stimulation sessions. See PowerDot in-app electrode maintenance guidelines for more details.

  • How many stimulation sessions can
    PowerDot provide on a single battery

    A 100% charged battery is good enough for at least 5-6 hours of continuous stimulation (real life figures depend on the intensities used and muscle groups being stimulated).

    This should be more than enough to cover a daily stimulation plan for the most demanding athlete (3 muscle groups for the longest running Endurance stimulation session).

  • How long does it take to charge PowerDot?

    Charging battry to full should not take more than 90 minutes. You can charge PowerDot from any micro-USB connection or standard USB-compatible AC charger. PowerDot comes with micro-USB-2-USB conversion cable.


  • Which training programs will the
    PowerDot App support?

    The first release will offer:

    Main training programs: Endurance, Resistance, Strength, Explosive Strength, Maximum Speed;
    Supporting programs: Active Recovery, Potentiation and several Massage programs;

    Depending on demand, we will regularly add new programs and levels to the app, as well as improve existing ones.

  • How secure is communication between
    phone and PowerDot? Can someone else
    control my PowerDot from their phone?

    PowerDot makes use of Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing mechanism which securely encrypts communucation between PowerDot and the phone. Once your device is activated, it will be virtually impossible for someone else to connect to your PowerDot device.

  • Can PowerDot stimulation workout be interrupted
    by other apps running on my phone/tablet
    or incoming/outgoing calls?

    PowerDot mobile apps and firmware are specifically designed in the way that they can work independently in a such way that other apps running on your phone, calls or services won’t be interfering with running stimulation.

    PowerDot’s firmware is smart enough to independently complete and stop your stimulation session even if the Bluetooth connection is lost between PowerDot and your phone/tablet.

  • Will PowerDot App suppor workouts with two
    PowerDots simultaneously? Can I buy
    and add an extra PowerDot later?

    Yes, the PowerDot app will be designed to work with 2 PowerDots at once right from the launch. You can always buy and use one device first and then purchase and add the second device later.

    To avoid confusion, just make sure your second device comes in some different color from the first one!


  • Is EMS painful?

    Depending on the protocols/programs you execute, you’re likely to feel a tingling or tickling sensation caused by simulation current which is generally inevitable. On a good side, you will get used to it pretty quickly and it’s highly unlikely that those sensations will be causing any discomfort or pain.

    PowerDot is designed to allow you to precisely adjust the intensity of contractions for most comfort and all sessions always start at the lowest intensity, which majority of users will be unlikely to feel.

    Do keep in mind that the best effect from stimulation is established at the maximum tolerable levels.

    The rule of the thumb is that you should never experience any pain or serious discomfort during your stimulation – if you do, then you should consider reducing the intensity straight away.

  • Where can I read more about Electrical
    Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and its effects?

    There is a multitude of articles and clinical studies that prove effectiveness of EMS for sports training. Click here to view some articles and research publications about EMS and its effects.